Welcome to Gedwardgriffin.com, the home of Gedward Griffin.

With four offices around the world we are a specialist firm of solicitors that specialise in the e-gaming and gambling industry.  We advise our clients on a huge variety of matters, from licensing requirements for operating in the various international gambling markets through to handling the legal due diligence arising from merger and acquisition deals within the e-gaming sector.

Formed in 2007 following the merger of James Gedward solicitors and Anthony Griffin & Co, Gedward Griffin solicitors has grown in strength, both in personnel and in their reach.  With 5 partners, 23 associates and 56 support staff spread across our 4 international offices, we are arguably the largest and most experienced professional services firm operating within the international gambling sector.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to problem solving as well as our expertise in operating within the world’s regulated online gambling markets.  Unlike a number of our competitors, we focus exclusively on advising our clients on all matters related to operating both land based and online businesses within international gambling markets.  Often this is a complex area, where national law is often still in its infancy.

We have advised a number of gambling operators on a large variety of matters, examples of which are outlined below:

  • Regulatory Advice:

We have advised a number of large publicly listed gambling and sports book operators on matters relating to the French gambling market following the successful regulation of this market in 2010.  This has covered advice across a broad range of issues, from gambling license applications, appeals through to complex tax and group structure formations in order to ensure gambling operators are best aligned to maximise their earnings in the French market.

  • Unregulated Online Gambling Markets:

Over the years Gedward Griffins online division has advised a number of clients on matters related to operating in unregulated gambling markets, particularly in Australia, where the online gambling landscape remains fiercely competitive.  We have advised online casino operators on various legal matters relating to the Australian market, including software licensing arrangements for popular casino and online poker machine games through to the drawing up or contracts related to gambling advertising on Australian television.

  • Company Formation:

With offices in 4 of the major international centres, we are well placed to use our local expertise and knowledge to assist gambling and casino operators with a variety of issues, including advice on company formation.  Our expertise in this area is second to none, and we ensure that operators businesses are best aligned in order to minimise taxation liabilities as well as to ensure structures are in place to aid future growth as and when it arises.

  • Game Licensing:

Our corporate division assists our clients in drawing up licenses with most of the major casino and sports book software vendors.  Our expertise in this area means that we have ready made contracts that can easily be amended to fit your needs.

We would welcome to hear from you if you are a gambling operator and are interested to hear how we can help your business in either new or emerging gambling markets.  In the first instance please get in touch with us via the contact form available on our website.  Thank you for your interest in Gedwardgriffin.com and we look forward to hearing from you.